Prey is the guide for Player, first appearing in expansion 0. He provides the new game beginning tutorial.


Prey is the guide for junior seekers, those who embark on the journey of accessing new Domains by defeating gatekeepers. He currently guides Player, the current junior seeker. His element is K, vital for many beings, as a result he and his people are hunted and eaten regularly. He claims to have escaped from being a gatekeeper's meal by agreeing to become a guide for junior seekers. He also claims to wear a mask, to hide his identity from his people, who are looking for him.


He is the initial supplier of several rumors.Listed are rumors from him in expansion 0:

  1. There is a Gatekeeper of Your Domain.
  2. Domains have their own element.
  3. Junior seekers who failed live in the Connected Plane permanently.
  4. When in the Connected Plane, the physical body is lost.

Element, Form

His element is K (see Background for description) and his form is unknown.