The goal of the game is to access new domains by defeating gatekeepers. Gatekeepers are extremely powerful and worshiped for their status and powers. They are extreme in difficulty when combating them due to their status as higher beings. To stand any chance of defeating them, Player must bond with others to learn new powers (including bonding with gatekeepers) and level up the fire sword.

There are two components of the gameplay:

1. Your Domain

2. Gatekeeper Battles

Your Domain

Yourdomainfr pic1

Your Domain

Your Domain is the domain acquired by Player upon beginning the journey of pursuing/challenging the gatekeepers. While in Your Domain, gameplay is mainly social simulation. While in Your Domain the player can interact with fans and bond with fans to learn new powers. Player can also increase his-or-her detective level. Detective skills are needed to solve rumors and discover new rumors. Rumors lead to non-canon quests and special rewards. There is a chance that YOUR DOMAIN can be raided, only a guardian can protect YOUR DOMAIN from raids. If YOUR DOMAIN is raided Player looses all silver (money). In Your Domain the player can also change forms and log on to the internet to check for new friend requests and messages.

Lastly, Your Domain has a tile which holds Gate, a being of unknown power and element that only opens when Player is ready to challenge a gatekeeper. Gate takes Player to the Connected Plane, and the Connected Plane connects directly to the Gatekeepers Domain:

Your Domain--Connected Plane-Gatekeepers Domain

Gatekeeper Battles


Player battling Silhouette.

Gatekeeper battles are extreme in difficulty, except for the first, which is slightly easier. The battle system is based on twitch gameplay (nothing to do with the streaming platform). Twitch gameplay tests reaction time. It is advised that you try to figure out the battle system yourself. It is fun, simple, and straightforward and very different from modern RPGs. Player can use powers gained from bonding with others (shared powers) and can access the Player Plane to use fire sword.